Parasailing & skin diving training

Hi everyone, I’m wu, from Taiwan. how are you feeling today!

Actually we had done the parasailing training on 4/17, and skin diving training on 4/19, sorry for late updating,  I didn’t have time to update the blog this days.

Do you have ever trying to do the parasailing? It is a activity that allows you to fly as bird can do. After you wear the gear, that connects you with a giant parasol, then we will use a boat and an one hundred meters long rope to drag you to the sky!

On that day I was trained to how to setup and remove the parasol on the boat, we practiced for more than twenty times I guess..set the parasol up isn’t so difficult for me, but when coming to remove it, it is the most challenging part, it is so difficult to keep the parasol from falling in to the water..I think I still need more practice about it…And you can watch the video about how to correctly remove parasol on the below.


And yesterday, we did the skin diving training, we practiced the duck diving movement. what is duck diving? This is a way descending  to the bottom more effectively! About the movement, watch the video below!


And we also done an swimming underwater while holding breath test, in this test me and my partner successfully swimming from the yellow line to the blue line in a 2.3 meters deep water! guess what, it is 31 meters long! it is unbelievable! Next time I went to Challenge this test again but in a more deep area, maybe 5 meters deep?

For now we are training for ourselves! When the virus is pass, hope to see more people come to Okinawa! To enjoy the warmth and beauties! See you soooooon!