“FIRST TIME” | ダイビングインストラクターカレッジ 沖縄




I'm Tyler... A Hong Kong boy who is lazy and not good at typing in japanese, that's why i can never start writing anything. If you are following our blogs, you will notice that there are 3 boys (Souta, かっちゃん and Tyler) in Dive Master Program (January). And I'm sure that you have read their blogs and never read mine. Today, the 9th of March,  marks the 2nd month of working here. I believe it’s high time for me to start blogging my Seasir life. In our blogs include our daily life at work like marine training and the insights durning each trip. So today i'd like to share my "first time" to be a snorkeling guide. I’m so excited having 6 guests from Vietnam for my “first time”. They were full of the joy of spring. Let start with assisting rental gear. SEASIR provides wet suit, fin, mask (normal or with special lens) and snorkel for snorkelling guests as part of the snorkelling package . After that, we walked to the pier and got on the boat. But before that, I took a commemorative photo to capture their most energetic moment.
Commemorative photo with "LUCKY"
            An hour later, we arrived at our first point at KERAMA Island, after checking the sea condition and giving snorkeling briefing, it's time to swim!! It was a beautiful day and the water temperature wasn't very cold, so we spent around 30 mins to practice the snorkeling skills at first point.
Gear up and ready to get into the water
HEART HEART (one of the Vietnamese guests- Miss Nguyen)
                          Then we went to AKA Island for the next two points. It also was my first time to be here. We can't  wait to get into the water and explore the unknown area. It was expectedly, the corals are more beautiful and colorful than the first point.
Endless corals
                  After the three snorkelling points, I finished my first guide as well as their first snorkelling experience. I hope they enjoy the trip.                         See You Next Time^^ (I'll challenge myself in writing a blog in japanese ASAP)