AOW Day 1 (Night Diving🌛✨) | ダイビングインストラクターカレッジ 沖縄




AOW Day 1 (Night Diving🌛✨)

Hello Everyone :)

This is Julia from the 13th Seasir work-study group!

Today, we started our AOW(Advanced open water) course.

We carried out three different dives, each with its own unique set of challenges and experiences.

Our first activity involved underwater navigation, a crucial skill for any diver, which gave us the opportunity to intimately understand and navigate the underwater world without any hesitation.

The second dive involved search and recovery, including rope work as well as usage of an underwater compass. This tested our ability to function as a TEAM while dealing with complex tasks under water.

We had to find baby Manta and using our skills, we were able to recover it very quickly, saved baby Manta!

Last but not least, we finished our day with Night Diving! This was an exciting and completely different experience from our daytime dives. Many of us got to try out our underwater light as well.

It was an intimidating experience for me, but with the support of my buddies, it turned into a thrilling adventure. Under the cover of darkness, we discovered the surreal beauty of the marine life. It was the perfect conclusion to our adventures.

I cannot wait to try the night dive again in Kerama Islands!