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Summer is on the way! そろそろ夏です!

It is 28°C in Okinawa, meaning, the days of getting into water, all the while shivering and cursing the cold waves are coming to an end soon! However, with the increasing comfort of the warm soothing water there is the increasing risk of SUNBURN! We've got to be prepared to protect ourselves with the proper, and by proper, I mean not only products that suit you but also REEF FRIENDLY SUN SCREENS and other protective measures!


Did you know some chemicals used in sunscreens are extremely harmful to coral reefs and other fish and habitants of the sea? Even though sunscreens cannot be a 100% environmentally friendly, some are far more harmful than the others. So how do we make sure the product we are using is less harmful?


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Firstly, try and switch to `Reef Friendly` or mineral sunscreens instead of chemical ones. However, a lot of companies use the term `Reef Friendly` very loosely and their products still might have chemicals harmful to the environment. So an even safer way is to compare the ingredients listed on the product. There are a several chemicals that are harmful but we should at least make sure our products do not contain Oxybenzone or Octinoxate (Benzophenon -3/BP-3) which are the most harmful.


It might seem difficult and time consuming to pay attention to such small details, however, if you research into it once and get into the habit of using the right products just once, it will change your lifetime consumption. After all, for the sake of diving and enjoying the beauty of reefs, we need to do as much as we can to keep the reefs alive and beautiful.

Have amazing dives this summer!